Social Media Marketing with Twitter – How to set up your Twitter account and what to post

Social Media Marketing with Twitter
Social Media Marketing with Twitter

Social media marketing with Twitter isn’t all about posting images like Instagram or lengthy posts such as in Facebook. Twitter is a part of the big 3 when it comes to social media marketing. The other 2 members are Instagram and Facebook.

Instead it’s about having a conversation with other users. If you go on Twitter right now, and you look at all of the tweets that have “took off”, people are having conversations in the tweets replies. This isn’t something you see too often on the other 2 major social media sites. This is an important aspect to remember, especially if you want to be successful in your digital marketing endeavours. 

Social Media Marketing with Twitter – Optimizing your profile

Creating your company’s Twitter profile is similar to how you would create a profile on the other 2 social media sites. You want a high resolution image of your logo for your profile picture, a photo that actually fits your header, a short but powerful bio, and you should include your location, as well as a link to your website. Next you want to share your new account on existing social media accounts and on your website, so your existing customers/followers will begin to follow you on Twitter. The most important aspect of any Twitter account is the verification check. The blue check mark essentially tells people that you are the real deal. To get it, Twitter checks to see if your account is “of public interest.” You do that by being active and engaging with your twitter followers.

Social Media Marketing with Twitter – What to Tweet about

If your ultimate goal on Twitter is to get blue check mark, there are a few ways on how to get it. The first and most difficult way to get verified, is to have one of your tweets blow up all over the “twitterverse.” In most cases, popular tweets can get up to 80,000 retweets and 100,000+ likes. That is a whole lot of people interacting with your one tweet, and if a small percentage of those likers or retweeters follow you, then you are on the right track. This is because whenever someone likes or retweets a tweet, then that person’s followers can also see that tweet. That increases the chances of your tweet getting more likes and then hopefully your account can gain more followers. Realistically this is pretty hard to achieve, so let’s use an example to show you what you can do to get more followers and increase engagement. Wendy’s is a great twitter page to model your own account to. They have 3 million followers and are always interacting with their followers. They can do this because the tweets that they post are always relevant to what is going on in the world, but when doing this, Wendy’s always makes a connection to their food, typically through the use of humor. Humor is a great way to grab anyone’s attention, and Wendy’s has perfected that art on Twitter. Not only that, but Wendy’s has active conversations with its followers. Whenever someone mentions Wendy’s in their tweets, most of the time they will either retweet that tweet or reply to that tweet. This is how to engage with your twitter followers effectively. You want to communicate with them, this is why Twitter is so unique. Yes you can post images and videos of your products, but that isn’t the best way to get more engagement. Actually create a conversation is the way to do it on Twitter.

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