Social Media can be very challenging. Working with WDFA Digital, you’re tapping into over a decades worth of expierence to help get the most amount of exposure for your business.

3 Things We Help You With Immediately With Your Social Media Efforts with our Social Media Marketing Service

social media marketing services, audience research


The first thing that our social media marketing service does, we define your target audience. We get really specific, because that’s the only way to create content and get people to engage with it. Once we have an idea of who your audience is, we then get an idea of what hashtags those people are looking at.

social media marketing services, hashtag research

Hash Tag

You’ve heard of hashtags, you know the 50 things you add to the end of each social media post? Using the wrong hashtags, gets the wrong eyeballs on your content, which means less engagement. We find you hash tags that will work for your business and audience.

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Quality content will do more for your business than anything else will in this digital age. Carefully thought out, high quality content is the way to reach the maximum potential of digital marketing. We create content that is relevant for your business and release it on social media.

To Promote or Not To Promote?

social media marketing services, paid social media

Should you pay for social media ads or should you use an organic growth plan?

The answer to that question is, YES! Let us explain. The best social media campaigns have content that goes viral. Virality is a mixture of lots of people appreciating your content and lots of people just flat out seeing. If you have great content but not enough eyeballs fall on it, enough people won’t share for the content to go viral. That’s why the answer is yes, you create great organic content and then you promote it just a little bit to get things going. The best social media campaigns incorporate paid and organic strategies seamlessly to create impactful results.

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