How to Get More SEO Traffic With Less Content

SEO Traffic

Blogging is the primary way companies, big and small, create content. This is because fresh content is the key to driving in SEO traffic, both existing and new.

What a lot of people forget is that marketing your content, is just as important as creating content. This is especially important for new or small companies. They may not have the human resources to write 1 blog every day and market all of them at the same time, thus most small companies only release 2-3 blogs a week, which is still fine to do! Today we will go over some digital marketing strategies you can use to grow more SEO traffic with less content.

Create Quality Content To Get More SEO Traffic

It’s understandable when your company is releasing one blog everyday, for the quality of your blogs to be mediocre at best. When you are only blogging a few times a week it becomes extremely important to write great blogs, because you’re basically placing your bets on less blogs a week to “blow up.” You may be saying to yourself that blogging less is a stupid idea, because more blogs, means more ways to attract traffic. In some respects you are right, but you need to think like your average Joe. The average human being has no time to waste. They are busy with kids and jobs, so when they do have the spare time to read articles/blogs, ask yourself, “would they prefer to read mediocre content everyday or informative and interesting content every few days.” I personally would rather read quality blogs, rather than bad ones. It will make me want to come back to your site so I can read more great content. 

Market your Blogs Like There’s No Tomorrow

No please don’t spam your social media or email lists with notifications, this subheading was just to grab your attention :). Anyways, when you do release new content, it’s important to send one thoughtful and customized email to your email lists, saying something like, “Hey Joe, Have you wondered how you can increase your website SEO traffic by only releasing 2 blogs a week, check out our article here for these digital marketing tips.” Just a simple email like this should do the trick. Again spamming your email lists with emails everyday is not going to work. People are either going to unsubscribe to your emails or put you in their spam folder. The same can be said when posting on your social media accounts. Simply link your blog, and write an attention grabbing caption to accompany your link. If this sounds tedious, well it is. The good thing is, that by writing fewer blogs, you should have more time to actively market the release of your new content. 

Cite Your Sources

Remember in High School and College when your professors would constantly remind you to cite your sources for you essays, well i’m going to do the same thing to you. When writing your blogs, you may use data or charts to support your points, and to not plagiarize you will say where you got this information from. You can take it one step further by linking the articles where you got that information, directly into your blog, thus your readers can actually see the site where you got the info from. You can also mention them at the end of your blog, sort’ve like a works cited page. In the end, by doing this, the people that you mentioned in your blog will hopefully notice this, and they may promote your blog by sharing your link to their readers. You can also achieve this by “@” their Twitter username when you are notifying your followers of new content. Just sneak it in after your caption by saying, “data used in blog was from @name of company/person.”

The general theme of all of these strategies is quality. You want to write quality content through the use of verifiable data. The important thing to remember is that by writing fewer blogs, it will allow you to spend more time to effectively market your content. This is the best way to gain traffic. Spamming blogs and notifications will do you more harm than good. 

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