Why Bing Ads Should Be Used For Digital Marketing

Bing Ads

You should be using Bing Ads as a part of your PPC strategy. While Google consumes 90+% of the web’s search traffic, there are our search engines out there, like Bing.

Most of you, when you first boot up your brand new Microsoft PC or laptop, tend to first go to Microsoft Edge and download Chrome to use as your primary search engine/browser. What people tend to forget is Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, is a really good search engine. Sure the amount of users using Bing is less than that of Google’s, but only focusing your ad campaigns solely on Google means you are missing out on a market of Bing users. Even if bing controls on 2.86% of the searches in the world, 2.86% of 10 million is still 286,000 searches!  Today we will go over why your company should focus on Bing, once you have saturated the market on Google from your Digital Marketing campaign. Because Digital marketing, is still marketing and you need to have a diversified marketing strategy to be successful. 

Bing’s Unique User Base

Recall that in the intro, I said that usually the first thing people do with a new Microsoft computer is to download Chrome. By most, I mean the tech savvy people. The non techy folks, who are usually older folks in their 40’s and onwards, don’t really care about Google, and will never download Chrome. They will keep using Bing for as long as they have that Microsoft computer. Due to this, Bing’s users are mainly older generations [sorry to all the young people on Bing :)], and what is so special about old generations you may ask? Old generations are usually making a lot of money, and when people make a lot of money, they usually have some extra change to spend on things. Essentially, if your company has never thought of using Bing for digital marketing, then your company is missing out. Now one caveat that we should add here is that, you need to make sure that older generations are a part of your targeted audience in your PPC strategy.  

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is basically the same thing as Google Ads, in fact some say it is the “bootleg” version of Google Ads. Anyways, Bing Ads has campaigns, such as PPC (pay per click) campaigns and shopping campaigns for product ads, that are strikingly similar to Google campaigns. The important aspect of Bing Ads is that the ads you make via Bing are also run on Yahoo and AOL, thus you have access to 2 more markets including Bing. Another cool feature about Bing Ads is that you can directly import your Google ad campaigns, directly into Bing Ads, so you don’t have to spend time on creating another campaign. Just a few clicks and you’re basically all set. The importing process isn’t perfect. It’s important to go over your whole campaign to make sure everything is set correctly, such as the bids and budget, as well as your targeting options.

Why Are Bing Ads and Google Ads platforms so similar?

You might be wondering why the Ad platforms that both Google Ads and Bing Ads employ are so similar, the answer is simple. At the core search advertising is the same, regardless of platform. While search algorithms vary from platform to platform, there are only so many ways you can market to a user that is using a search engine. That’s why ad groups, ads keywords and negative keywords are the same across both sets of platforms. Understanding the power of keywords and themed content is the crux of search engine marketing and this is why you see both platforms being basically the same. 

To sum this up, Bing is basically David and Google is Goliath. The main difference is that David has a majority of its users with a lot of money to spend, while Goliath has a smaller share of people with money to spend. Now we are not saying to ditch your Google ad campaigns. If you can, you should run campaigns on both search engines simultaneously    . Generally, once you feel like you have done all you can on Google, then it is best to start utilizing Bing Ads to start reaching this untapped market for your company’s digital marketing strategy.

Creating a true PPC marketing strategy that is fruitful is harder than most will lead on. It takes time patience experience to create a positive ROI in the world of digital marketing. If you are struggling and need help with your PPC management, feel free to contact us. We would love to help with your digital marketing services